Inspire23 believes that it’s not just about buying a home however choosing a house requires a lot of time and effort. We often fantasize on what we want as our dream home and searchingfor that can be quite challenging. If you’redeciding to purchase but don’t know what to consider and how exactly to start, you are on to the right website. Inspire23 friendly agents are willing to assist you through the steps to getting closer to your dream home, making sure your interest at is of great value. Let’s make this process quick and easy for you.

Here are 10 steps that can help make the home buying process manageable.  


Step 1: Decide to buy

First you will want to think about the home you want to buy, the location you wish to live in, the size of your home and your budget. Taking this big step of purchasing your new home can be a bit overwhelming as you will want to make the best choice when selecting. This isn’t just a house, but a home where you will be creating your life in and so it can be a very emotional time, as you will want the best home.

Once decided, you can start talking to any Inspire23 agents who will enlighten you more about the options available and the procedures involved.

Step 2: Speak to an Agent

In this process an Inprire23 real estate agent roll is to educate and guide you on the full process when buying your dream home and providing you with information that is not easily accessible to the public. The agent will be able to understand your needs, showing you home options based on your budget and gold standards discussed by you. A clear review and evaluation of the buying market will also be presented, making sure that there are no setbacks. In case of any potential problems along the way, the agent by all means will be able to show you all solving strategies to overcome any risks. The agent’s main responsibility is making sure negotiations are carried out and you get the best dealsavailable in the market. All paper work and procedures will be followed for proper understanding by the client ensuring that your needs are met.The home buying process, negotiating skills, and familiarity with the area you want to live in can be extremely valuable, best of all, it doesn’t cost you anything to use an agent – they’re compensated from the commission paid by the seller of the house. 

Step 3: Get Prequalified and Preapproved for credit for Your Mortgage

Before you start looking for a home, you will need to know how much you can actually spend. The best way to do that is to get prequalified for a mortgage. To get prequalified, you just need to provide some financial information to your mortgage banker, such as your income and the amount of savings and investments you have. Your lender will review this information and tell you how much they can lend you. This will tell you the price range of the homes you should be looking at. Later, you can get preapproved for credit, which involves providing your financial documents (paycheck , bank account statements, etc.) so your lender can verify your financial status and credit. Your financials willkeep you informed and updated of the entire financial process throughout your purchase.

Step 4: Look for your Home and Make an Offer

From the Inpire23 website you can start searching ideal homes in your price range. Set up an appointment with an Inpire23 agent to view each house, making sure to check out the little details.

For example:

  • It’s also important to evaluate the neighbourhood and make a note of things such as:
  • Are the other homes on the block well maintained?
  • How much traffic does the street get?
  • Is there enough street parking for your family and visitors?

Test the plumbing by running the shower to see how strong the water pressure is and how long it takes to get hot water

  • Try the electrical system by turning switches on and off
  • Open and close the windows and doors to see if they work properly

Is it conveniently located near places of interest to you: schools, shopping centres, restaurants, parks, and public transportation?

Take as much time as you need to find the right home. Then work with your real estate agent to negotiate a fair offer based on the value of comparable homes in the same neighbourhood. Once you and the seller have reached agreement on a price, the house will go into escrow, which is the period of time it takes to complete all of the remaining steps in the home buying process. 

Step 5: Home Inspection

Inspection of the property is very importantas you may want to look for signs of structural damage or anything that may require repairing or fixing. Once the seller accepts your request for an inspection to happen in the home, your real estate agent will assist you in having it completed. The results will be presented to you and the seller for further discussion.This entire process gives you a chance to renegotiate your offer or withdraw it without penalty if the inspection reveals significant material damage.

You can then decide if you want to ask the seller to fix anything on the property before closing the sale. Before the sale closes, you will have a walk-through of the house, which gives you the chance to confirm that any agreed-upon repairs have been made.

Step 6: Select Your Loan

You will have many questions when you are purchasing a home, and having one of our experienced, responsive mortgage bankers assist you can make the process much easier.

Every home buyer has their own priorities when choosing a mortgage. Some are interested in keeping their monthly payments as low as possible. Others are interested in making sure that their monthly payments never increase and still others pick a loan based on the knowledge they will be moving again in just a few years.

Step 7: Have the Home Appraised

Lenders will arrange for an appraiser to provide an independent estimate of the value of the house you are buying. The appraiser is a member of a third party company and is not directly associated with the lender. The appraisal will let all the parties involved know that you are paying a fair price for the home.

Step 8: Coordinate the Paperwork

As you can imagine, there is a lot of paperwork involved in buying a house. Your lender will arrange for a title company to handle all of the paperwork and make sure that the seller is the rightful owner of the house you are buying.

Step 9: Close the Sale

At closing, you will sign all of the paperwork required to complete the purchase, including your loan documents. It typically takes a couple of days for your loan to be funded after the paperwork is returned to the lender. Once the check is delivered to the seller, you are ready to move into your new home!